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Victor Papadopoulos

Victor  Papadopoulos  can  be considered as the Founder of the Old/Historic Car  movement in Cyprus.
He was member of a small group of members of the Cyprus Automobile Association, whο, in 1985, decided to establish a club dealing with the Old Classic Car. With the enthusiasm and method that characterizes him, he undertook this project, and since then he has been serving the idea of the Old Classic Car. His hard work helped the "Friends of the Historic and Old Car" Committee to become, in 1989, member  of  the  International Federation  FIVA  (Fédération Internationale  des  Véhicules Anciens).
Our Federation, OKAK, became full member of FIVA in 2011. Victor Papadopoulos was elected President of OKAK at the following elections in 2012. He served as President for two years, and immediately after, when he retired 2014, he was pronounced Honorary Member of OKAK.

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