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Our Aims are:

  • The continuous effort to promote in every way, the idea to protect, restore and use of old/classic cars and motorcycles as well as any other type of old self-propelled vehicle in land, sea or air.

  • The continuous effort of the Federation will be furthered and enhanced by the club-members as well as by its own actions and initiatives.

  • The submission of proposals to government and administrative bodies to enact laws/regulations that will facilitate and motivate the maintenance, use, protection of old vehicles of any kind and the enactment of provisions and specifications that will determine that the vehicles can be characterized old and preservable.

  • The organisation of all types of activities related with the old vehicle movement in Cyprus and abroad.

  • The organisation and execution by the Federation of cultural, charitable, athletic, recreational events, exhibitions, competitions, tours etc with old vehicles, in Cyprus, and abroad, and the involvement of the Federation in similar events organised by other local or foreign organisations having similar aims.

  • The acquisition of a meeting place where audio-visual and printed material will be kept for the use of all those who are interested in the Old Preservable Vehicle and the publication and circulation of informative material.

  • The provision of all facilities (and information) to all those wishing to acquire old preservable vehicles that comply with legal specifications.

  • The co-operation with other Associations, Companies, Federations, Organisations and in general with all physical and legal entities in Cyprus or abroad, for the promotion and fulfilment of its own and its members’ aims.

  • The organisation of congresses, seminars and educational courses on subjects regarding this type of sport and movement and the provision of facilities to its members for such training and specialisation abroad.

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