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We are sorry to announce the passing away of our Honorary President Victor Papadopoulos on Saturday 2 December 2023.

Victor, as he wanted us to call him, can be considered as the Founder of the Old/Historic Car movement in Cyprus.
He was a member of the small group of the Cyprus Automobile Association, which, in 1985, decided to establish a committee dealing with the Old / Historic Car, FIPA (Friends of Historic and Old Cars).

His industriousness helped that committee, FIPA of the Cyprus Automobile Association as it was known, become, in 1989, a member of the International Vintage Car Federation FIVA by organizing the first FIVA International Vintage Car Rally with the participation of many crews from Greece. The organization of the annual FIVA International Rally continued to be organized by FIPA until 2011 with participations not only from Cypriot owners of old cars but also many from Greece, Europe and our neighboring countries.

In 2011, that committee was renamed the FIPA Old Car Club. LesPA-FIPA was officially registered with the Registrar of Associations and Foundations and immediately became a member of the Cyprus Federation of Classic Vehicles, now known as OKAK.

In the next elections of OKAK in 2012, Victor was elected president of OKAK.

He was President for two years, and immediately after, when he retired in 2014, he was unanimously elected as an Honorary Member of OKAK.

He continued to be president of LesPA-FIPA and later became President of the third Founding Club of OKAK, FIPA Cyprus until 2019 when he decided, at the age of 93, to leave.

To his Family we wish our deepest condolences.

We will all remember Victor with love for what he left us.

May his memory live forever.


We regret to announce the death of our friend Kimon Zacharias on Thursday, March 10, 2022.
Kimonas was one of our Inspectors, a wonderful member of the Classic Car Community.
Kimonas, a Classic car restorer, a kind and loving man was one of the oldest members of the Classic Car Movement in Cyprus.
To his family we express our condolences.
God rest his soul.

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